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Ministry Plans

Eugene Prewitt is a church planter in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. He has a ministry to the students at Henderson University and Oklahoma Baptist University. He works as a mission-driven mentor of young men and women around the world and points them to long-term mission opportunities. He writes. His articles and sermons are featured on this website.
Since nearly 100% of donations to our ministry come to us as personal income, I think the public has a right to know how much we are receiving. (You wouldn’t want to help support me if I was already earning more than you.) So I keep an updated list of supporters so you can have an idea of whether I am well-enough supported at present.
You can mail checks to Eugene Prewitt, 77 Outreach Lane, Arkadelphia, AR 71923. If you would like to have a receipt for tax purposes, send your donation to Jesus For Asia, Prewitt Mission, PO Box 216, McDonald TN 37353. You can also set up a recurring deduction from your bank account with Jesus for Asia by calling them at 423-413-7321.  
The following persons give the following amounts per month. One-time donations are listed after dividing them by 60 unless there is reason to expect they might be repeated more often.

The dates to the left represent the next time (Month:Year where Jan 15 means January of 2015) I expect the supporter will give the pledged amount. December dates indicate I haven’t received the first instalment yet. Also, unless you email me the information, I won’t know about contributions made through Jesus for Asia until about 30 days after you make them. So they won’t affect the dates here until about a month late. [NA]  in the date column represents an irregular or one-time donation. The $-20 by “FP” represents the aggregate monthly fees charged by PayPal for donations to J4A and to me.

NA EM  $        8.43
NA GB  Thinking
NA CR  $      51.17
NA AR  $        0.50
NA TG  $        2.50
Aug-18 JL  $        2.92
NA BG  $        3.33
Jan-19 LR  $        5.83
NA LS  $      32.44
NA WF  $      72.80
NA AW  $        4.17
NA CS  $        5.06
Dec-18 NC  $      41.67
NA JF  $      13.00
Aug-15 CF  $      41.67
Aug-14 JS  $        4.17
Aug-14 SB  $      15.04
Dec-14 JWi  $      41.67
Aug-14 MW  $      41.67
Aug-14 VB  $      41.67
Sep-14 BC  $      41.67
Dec-14 ZZ  $      50.00
Dec-14 JK  $      83.33
Dec-14 KM  $    100.00
Jun-15 MW  $      41.67
Jan-15 DT  $      16.67
Dec-14 KH  $      42.00
Jul-14 SS  $    100.00
May-14 KT  $      25.00
Mar-14 JB  $      25.00
Jul-14 DJ  $      42.00
Mar-14 MK  $      62.00
Feb-14 JM  $      15.00
Feb-14 HS  $      50.00
Mar-14 NP  $      50.00
Feb-14 JK  $      20.00
Mar-14 DS  $    100.00
Jun-14 GL  $    100.00
Jan-14 FP  $    (20.00)
Apr-14 WA  $      25.00
Mar-14 DM  $      25.00
Feb-14 BF  $      22.11
Apr-14 LS  $      50.00
NA GA  $      75.00
Jul-14 PW  $      25.00
Mar-14 NP  $      35.00
Feb-14 JJ  $      50.00
Feb-14 JR  $    100.00
Jan-15 BMc  $      42.00
Dec-13 TC  $      10.00
Dec-13 CK  $      12.50
Dec-13 JWo  $      41.67
Dec-13 NS  $      44.00
Dec-13 IS  $      50.00
Dec-13 AW  $      50.00
LH  $        2.50
Ho  $        6.67
Jan-05 RN  $        0.38

This comes to an estimated total (including guesses where contribution amounts are not yet known) of $1960/month. This is updated from Carson, WA; March 5, 2014.


[toggle_block title=”Why do you need support?”]I am neither a pastor nor an employed teacher. I live off this support [/toggle_block][toggle_block title=”Do you have a newsletter?”]Yes, email me through the contact form to be added to the list[/toggle_block][toggle_block title=”Are donations tax deductible?”]Yes, if given through Jesus for Asia and earmarked for the Prewitt mission, See [/toggle_block]