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Philosophy of Education Syllibus

Philosophy of Adventist Education 3 Semester Hours     Aims of the Course   Students finishing this course will be expected to be familiar with the various philosophical presuppositions that underlie many of the choices made in educational work. They should be able to discuss intelligently the challenges to faith . . . Read more

Courting in School

Courting in School     Questions to Ask Yourself   Section I – Social Relations Gospel Herald 12-01-01 Signs of the Times 10-23-84 Signs of the Times 09-10-85 18MR 337   Section II – Dating in School 4T 432 FE 62 19MR 82 11MR 154 8MR 156 13MR 144 4Bio . . . Read more

Guide L Ed ch 32-35 Fe ch 36 and 59

Philosophy of Adventist Education Study Questions on the following chapters from Education: Preparation, Co-operation, Discipline. And from Fundamentals of Christian Education, Expulsion of Students, Correct School Discipline.   FE Chap. 59 – Correct School Discipline   What responsibility did the school have for  the temptations attacking unruly students in 454:1? . . . Read more

Guide K Ed ch 24-31 less 30

Philosophy of Adventist Education Ch. 24 Education Study Notes Manual Training   The fourth commandment enforces labor. What blessings does manual work bring according to 214:1.and 215:2? Those who would be children of God should notice that God is a constant worker and imitate him. All creation is active. This . . . Read more

Guide J Ed ch 18, 19 and 22

Philosophy of Adventist Education   Study Notes on Chapters 19, 20 and 23 in the book Education. These are named History and Prophecy, Bible Teaching and Study, and Recreation.   How has Divinity been manifest in the accuracy of the Bible after it was written? How does sacred and secular . . . Read more

Guide I Ed ch 17-18

Notes and Questions Philosophy of Adventist Education Education chapters 17 and 18   Chap. 17 – Poetry and Song   Who wrote the book of Job? Who is the author of the poem in Job 38? The poem is largely a series of questions. Think about the questions. In your . . . Read more

Guide H Ed ch 13 to 15

Study Notes for Philosophy of Adventist Education Chapters 13, 14 and 15   Chap. 13 – Mental and Spiritual Culture   In a previous chapter EGW spoke of laws governing our spiritual, mental, and physical nature. In this chapter she speaks of one law that governs all three. In your . . . Read more

Guide G Ed ch 10 to 12

Philosophy of Adventist Education Study Guide, Chap. 10 – God in Nature   How does 99.1 support 2 Pt 3’s statement about “willingly ignorant”? Have you ever wondered how things in orbit ended up going the right direction at the right speed to end up in stable orbits? Thought question. . . . Read more