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The Godhead for Seventh-day Adventists

The Godhead Introduction A I’m writing from Malaysia where I have made many Muslim friends in the last couple years from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and, of course, Malaysia. And as I am connected to most of these electronically, it seems likely to me that one or . . . Read more

Congregational Adventism

Congregational Adventism   Your local church just might enjoy a congregational style or organization. Imagine what you could accomplish, as a local church, if you retained all of the tithe and offerings that were not used to pay your minister. And imagine if you, as a church, were free to . . . Read more

EGW on Divorce and Remarriage

Marriage, Remarriage, and the Truth of God as Expressed by Moses, by Jesus, by Paul, and by Ellen   Introduction   The work of Satan has always been to undermine the authority of the Word of God. This is often done by pitting one truth against another in such a . . . Read more

Separation and Intercession

  Separation and Intercession An Essay on Numbers in Type and Antitype   Yesterday[1] I was speaking with a man named David who was promoting separation from the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. He is one of perhaps a dozen that have appealed to me in the last few years to join . . . Read more

The Godhead — for John

Note: The following letter was written to a student of mine who was confused on the topic of the Godhead. There is a movement that would teach Adventists that (A) our pioneers did not believe in three members of the Godhead (B) that Ellen White did not teach the existence . . . Read more

Thoughts on the Lunar Sabbath

The Lunar Sabbath and its related Ideas are a branch of a larger fanatical movement. But don’t take my word. See the evidence for yourself. And if you have read the reply to this article, be sure to reread the article before making a conclusion. The data is still on the side of a continuous weekly cycle.