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Forensic Justifcation

Just what does Romans 5:18 mean when it says “justification of life”? And how could Jesus pay for all sins without forgiving everyone?

Forbid Them Not

Forbid_Them_Not_–_Adventist_Affirm_Article What are the limits of church authority? Can your pastor forbid you to have group Bible studies in your home? As a pastor, how can you slow down the spread of heretical opinions? What rights do self-supporting workers have? This article addresses these questions. It was published in Adventists . . . Read more

Feasts for the 21st Century

Are Christians obliged to keep the Jewish festivals and feasts today?Feasts_for_the_21s_century  Feasts_for_the_21s_century Feasts A Bible Study Seventh-day Adventists are divided regarding whether or not the Bible enjoins the keeping of Passover, Pentecost, etc., on 21st century Christians. Those that advocate that we should keep these feasts view several well-known scriptures . . . Read more